Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two Pages of Nothing

I wrote two pages today.

It's far better than my norm. 

I would be proud of myself if they were two pages that were at all useful. But they're not. They're two pages of complete and utter ridiculousness.


Because I can't concentrate on just one story at a time. And it's not just that. I had planned on putting together a few short stories and sending them into magazines. I also have short story I need to be fixing for the Leafkin Anthology that Sylvanopolis is putting together. Not to mention my novel. 

But did I write in any of these?

No. I chose to write for my one story that will never see the light of day. The story that I don't care about. The one that has all the ridiculousness I won't let bleed into my other work (because, really, I could write shoujo manga). Seriously, there are a total of three people madly in love with the heroine at the moment. It's just a tad ridiculous. And this is what I write for. Pure, utter, self indulgence. 

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