Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Okay so maybe I was a little dead

The Leafkin premiere has come and gone and it was actually a smashing success. 

We made just over $600 which was much more than we were expecting. The actual volume, however, has some errors. Drea (our fearless leader) had a crash course in Adobe InDesign and wound up formatting it all in a couple of days. Considering, it's not so bad. Still, in its second printing there will need to be some definite revisions.

I'll call it a win though. And seeing my words in print, even if it was just an anthology that we published ourselves, was pretty exciting. I now have a completely unfounded sense of legitimacy. 

And to go with that I have a nifty new title (VP of Sylvanopolis Writers' Society) and all sorts of responsibilities. I, along with Melissa Kuhl, am in charge of both the Scifi/Fantasy workshop and critique groups and, on my own, am working on getting an online critique group up and running. I'm also writing bylaws (we're trying for non-profit corporation status). Combine all that with family, work and an abortive attempt at school, I'm rather surprised my head hasn't imploded. Though to be fair, Drea has more on her plate. 

Karma, I've learned, is alive and well. All those times I blithely ignored requests that I have something written for meetings are coming back to bite me in uncomfortable places. Now a 'leader' I am the one make the request and, in turn, being blithely ignored. Not to mention that I can no longer get away with my own slacker tendencies. Responsibility, I've also learned, is an irritating thing.

But I've written! Productively!

It only happened because I was stuck in a Barnes & Noble Starbucks for a couple hours but I'll take what I can get. The plot has (finally!) made an appearance and (gasp!) characters are being developed. 

I hardly know what to do with myself.